Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunnyvale California NEW WORLD ORDER

I had no idea what "NEW WORLD ORDER" was until just recently. It exists in Sunnyvale California and most specially on my street.

I have been watching over the years people in my neighborhood who are given "city ordinance abatements" etc.. yet it is performed unlawfully by city building officials.

I tried to expose it and got harassed big time.

On my street we have a group of people who "run" the neighborhood with the help of the Sunnyvale Polcie Department.

I am posting a new page just about this.

There are neighbors who run the area in an unlawful manner again with the help of the Sunnyvale Police Department.

A couple moved into their home and wanted a taller fence on Sp...a. When they built the tall fence another neighbor did not like it so the city came out and inspected City officials said it was too tall so the new owners had to remove it.. yet around the corner three of their neighbors have a 10 ft. fence. The 10ft fence is still there today.. and it spans three properties. It is not right.. one family cannot have a tall fence and yet three families just around the corner from them can have a fence that breaks the codes..

Then another couple on the same street had a parking area with gravel. They were parking their cars on gravel. After a few months the police showed up and went on their property i assume with a search warrant.. so over a simple gravel driveway.. these folks were searched by the City of Sunnyvale..

What is so wrong with this.. again.. new world order.. exactly one block away on Royal Ann Drive.. 1150.. to be specific.. Erik Petersen has a gravel driveway.. so what is happening to him.. nothing.. again "new world order"

About one year ago.. a couple on another street in the same area.. put up a fence in their front yard.. within a few days.. the city of sunnyvale had red tagged it...
They fought desparateley to have a front yard fence same as a neighbor about 5 houses down the street.. what happened they could not have the same as their neighbors.. "new world order".

Sunnyvale has a huge problem and no one is doing anything about it.

One neighbor is harassed while the other is not.. why???? "NEW WORLD ORDER"

Who is making this happen... "sunnyvale co-conspirators"... Sunnyvale is run by people who have lived here all their lives.. what I have noticed is that is all has to do with who you know... so if you are in with them .... "NEW WORLD ORDER" you can break the rules..if you are not.. then beware.. especially if you try an fight them..

Lastly.. I will be fighting the "Christmas light display" which breaks numerous city ordinances..why.. "safety" in addition "NEW WORLD ORDER"

Someone needs to be looking at the City of Sunnyvale. The press.. there is a huge story here..look at the downtown area.. what happened??? "NEW WORLD ORDER"


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