Monday, August 17, 2009

Corruption by Santa Clara District Attorneys

In accordance with California Law there is something called a public records act. I will be posting what you can find via the public records act. i.e. such things as name addresses and phone numbers. I have made formal complaints regarding which is a christmas display that occurs each and every year and has gotten too big for my small street. Again lets go back to California Laws and who should enforce them. when anyone goes to a "police court" they are being taken to court by the People State of California not by your local police department. I have really good info regarding an article written by Fredric N. Tusky of the San Jose Mercury News regarding "State Seeks to suspend Santa Clara District Attorney Field" who was suspended for "committing serious misconduct". Tusky's article are very well written and will be posted. I am having to make a formal complaint against a current District Attorney who is doing the same thing as "Field". All of us must document what we see if no one had complained about this District Attorney he still would be hurting those accused of a crime.


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